With Minnie Dlamini, a star is born


In this collaboration with Berry Astrapak and Zeta Labs, a star is born: a brand new, personal care range by local celebrity Minnie Dlamini. Zeta Labs approached Berry Astrapak with this unique project because of our quality and attention to detail when creating new moulds, enabling the finished product to be advertised as premium and upmarket.

The ergonomic design of the bottle allows the product to be easily held and used. The range of Hydrating Body Lotions is available in 400ml bottles, a popular size on the market, meaning the product will compete with other top-end brands.

The moulded closure keeps contents inside when not in use and the option is open to have a different flip colour from the skirt colour in the future. Along with being functional and easy to open, the clipping feature on the cap has been enhanced to ensure no leakages.

The bottle is a natural colour and is sleeved, allowing for the same bottle design to be used with different sleeves as the range expands to include body washes. A variety of coloured bottles will be added to the range, all with windows in the sleeving to show the colour of the contents.

This exciting new range of premium products was launched in Clicks stores in July 2019 and will pave the way for an extended family from Minnie Dlamini’s popular brand.

Sarah Oosthuizen