Hot food convenience for on-the-go consumers


Convenience food has made meal times so much simpler for today’s fast-paced lifestyle. Packaging your convenience is taken a step further with our microwaveable fold over containers, perfect for those quick, self-service meals to warm up later.

Astrapak, a Berry Global company, presents the Hot Food Fold over container. Made of Polypropylene (PP) and part of Astrapak’s convenience line, the microwaveable container provides safe packaging for reheating pre-cooked meals and it is the solution for busy, on-the-go consumers. Supermarket convenience meals can be dished into the container and stored until ready to be reheated again at home.

Its square and compact shape allows for easy stacking and effective storage, and its versatility comes in three sizes: 350ml, 500ml and 800ml. Since PP is resistant to absorbing moisture, this versatile container can package a wide array of food items as well as protect the contents from perishing.

PP is known as a thermoplastic, meaning that the container can be safely warmed in the microwave since the material is able to withstand high temperatures well. Considering that PP is a low-density plastic type, the container is light-weight which ensures cost-efficient packing and transporting. As an added advantage, PP products can be recycled and repurposed into a variety of new products, such as food containers, car parts and compost bins.

Mylene Paynter