Squeezing ahead in tube design

RPC AstraPak Mailer Tubes FINAL-web.jpg

To get to the top of one’s industry and make your way to the front of any crowd, one inevitably has to SQUEEZE through the challenges and people to get there. RPC Astrapak has done a lot of squeezing to produce a world-class tube design, which will produce the finest quality finished product yet. 

Covering a multitude of sizes, volumes and decorative finishes, RPC Astrapak’s tube range combines aesthetic appeal with functionality. Whatever your application and market, our monolayer and multilayer (two- or five-layer including EVOH) tubes will offer you a complete packaging solution for use in the most demanding applications.

Designed with the consumer in mind, our easy-to-use extensive range of tubes are paired with suitable closures for the customer’s application. Snap-on closures are available in Flip-Top Non-Tamper Evident to allow consumers to smell the contents prior to purchase and Tamper Evident where the contents need to remain sealed. Screw on caps are available as Non-Tamper Evident, but all screw top tubes have foil seals to ensure the integrity of the product to end-users.

To enhance quality retention by preventing oxygen from penetrating the package and to retain fragrances and preserve the aroma and flavour of contents, the notable Ethelyne Vinyl Alcohol (EVOH) resins in our multilayer tubes offer outstanding gas barrier properties, which are superior to those of any other conventional polymer.

The sky is the limit when it comes to our decorative options, with an array of finishes to suit even the most discerning consumer. From matt and gloss varnish to provide a specific touch and feel, to decorative foiling to enhance the product image, accurate patch and wrap labels to ensure the most demanding designs, flexible print options in CMYK, and multi-colour screen printing providing bold and accurately aligned colour decoration, our tubes will provide your product with a vibrant and modern on-shelf presence meeting current market trends.

Mylene Paynter