Empowering learners to chase their career dreams


We believe in contributing to the communities in which people work, and the real difference is found in educating people, which plays a pivotal role in changing lives for the better. At RPC Astrapak, we understand that as a corporate company we need to put our best foot forward to support the cause.

In partnering with Primestars, the opportunity to support learners and stimulate awareness in a unique way through the My Future My Career programme was a novel approach. The programme is designed to expose careers to previously disadvantaged scholars so that they can understand the opportunities that are available to them when it comes to career choices when they have completed their schooling. Some careers they might never have previously been exposed to.

Targeting Grades eight and nine, the learners are motivated through role models and mentors in a movie-style setting, where they watch a film about members of their own community who are employed in those specific careers they are interested in. The movie-popcorn-soda setting offers a completely fresh experience in identifying careers and learning more about what they entail. In total there are 14 movies covering a variety of careers. The movie also alerts the learners as to which subjects they need to take in their final schooling years to pursue those careers after school.

With Primestars seen as the “Uber of EDUCATION” in South Africa, they join learners who need education with organisations who want to provide education at the cinema. The programme is designed to keep evolving and is based on the concept of the “take your girl child to work” day. In 2018, Primestars reached 80-90 000 learners in cinemas, providing an hour-and-a-half movie in the “theatres of learning”.

RPC Astrapak Human Resources Executive, Futhi Buthelezi said, “We heard about the My Future My Career programme through our B-BBEE partner WDB Investment Holdings and the upliftment of previously disadvantaged learners is what appealed to us. We want to make this process as meaningful as possible and reaching learners has long term potential for them and the communities that they come from. This is our opportunity to expose them to careers within RPC Astrapak as well. The high school learners have little idea of the careers available linked to the plastics packaging industry, so this programme will generate interest.”

On Sunday 2 June 2019, 251 learners attended the My Future My Career Youth Month Cinema Experience held at Ster-Kinekor Sandton City Mall, which saw the gathering of beneficiaries and stakeholders to meet and engage with the learners.

Our people remain our greatest assets. Without them we have no meaningful business. It is our youth who are our next generation of assets who will continue what we have started. At RPC Astrapak, we work hard at recognising each and every person who contributes to our success. We believe that the exposure Primestars provides to students is a powerful platform to ignite passion and hunger in the hearts of our youth. It is indeed a privilege for RPC Astrapak to be a partner in My Future, My Career and to be investing in our promising stars of the future.

Mylene Paynter