100% PIR recycled plastic Envirohanger


It’s time for your wardrobe to hang out with RPC Astrapak’s Envirohanger, the perfect complement to your denims, coats and jackets, dresses, trousers, and blouses or shirts. The all-weather plastic can be used indoors or out.

Typical of a traditional hanger, the elongated triangular shape ensures a robust product that can withstand weighty garments. Although classic in its shape, the hanger features a fresh design that boasts curvy finishes, such as the ‘S’-shaped neck and hook, as well as a bar across for hanging trousers, and hooks on the top surface to secure those strappy blouses or dresses and clothes straps.

Produced from 100% PIR recycled plastic generated from the manufacture of Siqalo Foods’ products in our factory, the RPC Astrapak Envirohanger is a translucent plastic material with a glossy finish. Both the hanger and its packaging are 100% recyclable. RPC Astrapak and Siqalo Foods are committed to finding sustainable solutions through innovation and product development. By partnering with Employment Solutions for People with Disabilities, opportunities have been created to provide employment by assembling and packing the Envirohangers.

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Mylene Paynter