Operation Clean Sweep to sweep away plastic pollution concerns

RPC Astrapak CEO Robin Moore

RPC Astrapak CEO Robin Moore

More than ever before in our industrial history cycle are companies and individuals focusing on whatever reasonable and sensible efforts can be made to ensure that we operate and act responsibly and that the environmental decisions we make today will offer value and deliver hope for the generations to follow. Operation Clean Sweep is particularly focused on the manufacturing fraternity across the globe that urges this critical part of our consumer value to ensure that even the smallest finest raw material particles are saved, contained and responsibly managed.

While consumers have the responsibility to recycle plastics as far as possible, and to avoid buying products made of Single-Use plastics, industries also have a responsibility to uphold this initiative. Plastics industries have an opportunity to help curb the impacts of plastic pollution by ensuring the correct containment of plastic pellets, flakes and powder.

RPC Astrapak is also involved in a number of other environmental initiatives outside of their immediate manufacturing environment.

In order to adequately contain and avoid the unnecessary loss of raw materials used to make plastic products, RPC Astrapak has signed the pledge with Plastics SA to register as an active participant of the world-wide campaign Operation Clean Sweep (OCS).

Initiated by the Plastics Industry Association (PLASTICS), the campaign aims to educate and raise awareness of the importance of containing and properly disposing of resin pellets. The OCS programme has practical guidelines in the form of a manual to aid industry operation managers prevent the accidental loss of pellets during manufacturing.

In its simplest form, the campaign’s goal is to promote good housekeeping and containment practices to achieve zero loss of pellets, flakes and powder, while ensuring that plastics industries add to the effort of protecting the environment instead of contributing to the plastic pollution problem. Not only are the containment efforts effective in reducing our environmental footprint, they are also beneficial for business as loss of pellets results in loss of revenue. In order to reap success with the OCS programme, facilities and equipment should be upgraded where necessary to ensure the containment of pellets, employees should be educated and informed to create an atmosphere of accountability, and procedures should be implemented to ensure regular inspections and clean-ups.

The success of the OCS campaign relies on the personal engagement of each RPC Astrapak employee and their individual commitment to following the stipulated practices every day. If each individual pledges to uphold the goal of zero pellet loss, the programme will become an effective tool in the fight for sustainability and decreased plastic pollution.

RPC Astrapak CEO Robin Moore said: “Whilst we are putting our weight behind Operation Clean Sweep as one of Sub-Saharan Africa’s largest manufacturers of recyclable plastic products, we have long since been busy with our own internal drive to carefully manage our resources and raw materials. The opportunity of joining our efforts with a global project raises awareness and helps us formalise our efforts all the more. All our actions to reduce waste supports our overall pledge of zero waste to landfill.”

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