Another one bites the dust

RPC AstraPak Mailer Dust Covers FINAL (type).indd

Fighting dust is a dirty game and one needs every advantage available. The ease of handling that comes from the RPC Astrapak Dust Cover offers just that edge. The closure fits snuggly onto an aerosol can to protect the nozzle and keep it dust free and allows you to flick it off with one movement of your thumb. The cover has a round shape with a square shoulder and is available in three sizes: 52mm, 57mm and 65mm in diameter.

Made of versatile Polypropylene (PP), which is a translucent material generally used in the manufacture of caps and closures, the cover can be readily manufactured into various colours and has a glossy surface finish.

This light-weight PP cover has a lower density than its HDPE counterparts and is semi-rigid yet flexible enough to pop off easily. Its rigid property allows the Dust Cover to click on and stay sturdy when it clasps. PP is recognised for its versatility and ability to be fabricated into thin pieces of plastic that bend whilst still withstanding heat well and resisting stress-related cracks.

Due to elasticity being an integral part of PP’s composition, these products can be recycled into clothing and industrial fibres, food containers as well as compost bins. The recycling of PP on a large scale is beginning to surface as an economically viable option.

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Mylene Paynter