RPC Astrapak supports Saint Giles


RPC Astrapak recently received acknowledgment from Saint Giles, a non-profit organisation for the disabled, in their recent Rolling Wheels monthly newsletter. Amongst other provisions, Saint Giles offers a work centre for jobs such as hand-packing, sorting or assembling, and a remedial gymnasium to promote movement for a variety of disabilities. The organisation is wholly dependent on the generosity of their donors.


“We’re always exploring opportunities to work with different types of organisations as part of our social responsibility process, with the intent of making a difference in the lives of differently abled or underprivileged individuals,” said Nawaaz Kalick, RPC Astrapak Procurement and Supply Executive.

The opportunity to partner with Saint Giles finally presented itself after an extensive process that qualified them as a worthy supplier. This entailed several trials to determine whether they could meet our quality requirements. The production process being undertaken involves the insertion of wads into the closures, and the assembly of tubes and cages for the automotive and personal care markets.

“While we currently only partner with ST Giles at our JJ Precision operation, we are looking at opportunities to offer similar opportunities to them at other Sites in future. We are delighted with progress to date, and look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship.”

For more information about Saint Giles, visit: http://www.saintgiles.org.za/.

Mylene Paynter