Limited by your own imagination

RPC AstraPak Combi Jar NEW SIZE FINAL (type).indd

Wouldn’t it be ideal to store a combination of products into a versatile and functional storage container that can be stacked in units a number of times to keep contents in one place? RPC Astrapak’s Moulding division presents the lightweight, yet robust, Combi Jar – a product which prides itself on being ergonomic, stackable and adaptable to suit individual consumer needs, as the possibilities for storage purposes are endless.

Due to the process of Injection Moulding (IM), the Combi Jar has well-defined threads in the neck and closure, which ensure resealability thereby preventing leakages which benefits the storage of powder, creams and lotions, and solid articles. This process also reinforces the protection of contents and the ingress of oxygen.

Polyprop (PP) is the preferred material for jars intended to contain natural products that spoil easily, because of its excellent barrier properties that help to exclude oxygen and ultraviolet light, as well as protect the product against the effects of humidity.

Designed in a combination of different sizes, these stackable jars are finished in a practical round-shape, allowing for a slimline appearance once stacked. The smooth, circular surface provides a large print map for branding and RPC Astrapak Consupaq offers a choice between silkscreen printing and self-adhesive labelling as the primary decorative options. The Combi Jar is available in a range of popular colours to suit the needs of the customer.

An ‘all-in-one’ container is yielded by stacking the jars and it can be used to combine multiple products. Use the jars as a compact make-up kit, or on a camping trip to store spices and sauces, or even to store medication, detergents and creams. The versatility of the Combi Jar is limited by your own imagination.

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Mylene Paynter