Cleaning coastlines and caring for our environment

[Above] Team East London

With the involvement of 162 countries across the world, the International Coastal Clean-up Day – arranged on 15 September 2018 – saw a multitude of communities worldwide pull together to rid our beaches of litter.

Local plastics packaging manufacturer RPC Astrapak’s teams were among the millions of volunteers across the globe to take a step towards a sustainable and proactive future. With two of their plants joining the Cape Town movement in Milnerton, one plant in East London at Nahoon Beach, and eight plants and head office in Durban at Cuttings Beach in Merewent, over 300 employees worked alongside each other to play a part in caring for the environment.

RPC Astrapak is putting their money where their mouth is and has worked close at hand with Let’s Do it! World during this clean-up to see a more sustainable and cleaner environment.

RPC Astrapak CEO Robin Moore said: “Caring for the environment goes way beyond our recent involvement in cleaning coastlines. We are working tirelessly every day to reduce our waste to landfill and we incorporate sustainability into the design of plastic packaging to reduce the consumption of resources and minimise environmental impact, which reduces our impact across the entire packaging value chain. An event like the International Coastal Clean-up Day highlights the need for our waste to be recycled and brought back into the manufacturing process where possible. This responsibility starts with each and every individual.”

About International Coastal Clean-up Day

The International Coastal Clean-up Day campaign is spearheaded by Let’s Do it! World, a civic movement that encourages countries to unite and participate in a series of clean-up events. The movement commenced at 10:00 am in New Zealand on Saturday 15 September 2018 and swept across 24 time zones ending 36 hours later in Hawaii.

[Above] Team Cape Town

[Above] Team Durban

Mylene Paynter