Our people are our future

Zakhele Myeza and Candice Mitchell are taking part in RPC's Future Leaders Programme.

Zakhele Myeza and Candice Mitchell are taking part in RPC's Future Leaders Programme.

“Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.” – John F. Kennedy

Developing and nurturing talent is crucial to strengthening the foundation of a company. Personal growth opportunities motivate those who are willing to learn, and this is particularly advantageous for a business when they are provided with an opportunity to learn from their peers and within their work environment on an international platform.

RPC’s new development programme for high potential managers, places a strong emphasis on a candidate’s personal development as a leader while adding elements outside of the classroom content such as peer coaching, focus on implementation, mentoring and plant visits.

The Silver Programme, which was developed in partnership with Aston Business School, welcomed 22 candidates to the UK in April, including South Africans Zakhele Myeza and Candice Mitchell.

The programme covers four modules, with sessions held in Europe. The first module encompassed Strategy, with Module 2 to cover People and Finance, and Modules 3 and 4 covering Operations and Marketing, and Leading with Impact respectively. All the modules will be completed before the end of the year with a strong emphasis on building personal development as a leader.

With the first module behind them, Candice Mitchell (RPC Astrapak Consupaq Supply Chain Manager) reflects on the networking opportunity that the programme presents.

“It was tremendous to meet various people from the different plants around the world and to engage with them on different processes within the business,” she said. “The other aspect is the strategy session which was quite intense and held over the three days. I’m inspired to come back and implement what I have learnt into the company.”

Feeling delighted at having been selected for the programme, Candice is excited about the exposure that she is gaining and is ready to absorb all the learnings, better equipping her with the skills and tools needed to add more value to her current job.

Zakhele Myeza, RPC Astrapak JJ Precision General Manager, enjoyed the strategic planning and the networking elements of the first module.

“There were so many different nationalities and it was great getting to know other people from the same company,” he said. “It gave me an overview of the different skills and challenges at RPC branches all over the world, while opening my eyes as to how a CEO would think for their strategy planning for the company and for business development as well.”

Zak anticipates applying what he has discovered so far to a smaller scale plan back home. “I don't know where the journey goes – it’s all fresh learning for me.”

As part of the programme, the candidates will undertake a project at work, which is sponsored by a senior RPC manager who serves as a mentor throughout the project. Neither the mentors nor the candidates will have known each other previously and will thereby be building their networks as they embark on an assigned project, which incorporates the four modules learnt.

AN RPC senior management representative will serve as an executive sponsor and mentor to provide an “RPC View” of the subjects covered and assist the candidates with navigating “road blocks” along the way.

RPC Astrapak CEO Robin Moore will serve as a mentor this year once again. “This programme is another indication of RPC’s commitment to developing talent, and the benefit of RPC Astrapak being part of the Group. It is an important networking opportunity as each candidate extends their networks across the borders and provides them with exposure to international best practice and strategic planning. We look forward to seeing the benefits of Zak and Candice’s training – along with those that follow them, in the business in years to come!”

Mylene Paynter