RPC Bramlage Division demonstrates its versatility


The extensive range of personal care and cosmetic packaging solutions on display on the RPC Bramlage Division stand at Cosmetics Business will demonstrate the company’s ability to meet the requirements of a wide variety of products and applications.

Highlights include a new three-piece lip care stick with a strong environmental profile and the recently launched Lotus lotion pump, together with examples of the company’s advanced airless technology and market-leading crème jars.

The lip care stick offers greater recyclability and a lower carbon footprint than other models currently available, giving it a RecyClass B rating for its environmental profile, compared to the E or F rating of similar sticks.  In addition, the design maximises convenience for the end-user.

The Lotus lotion pump offers a standard pump with a customisable outer body, including a choice of surface finishes and decoration effects.  This enables manufacturers to combine excellent functionality and user-friendly operation with a personalised on-shelf appearance for effective brand identity.

The advanced Magic Star and Twist-Up airless dispensers provide effective protection of sensitive ingredients while delivering a precise dose of product. The Magic Star features a modular construction with a separate body and dispensing head that ensures fast and easy filling.  

The unique design of the Twist-Up reveals the dispensing head by turning the upper part of the container.  This makes it particularly secure in its locked ‘down’ position, meaning it is ideal for the growing e-commerce market for cosmetics.      

For the effective handling of viscous creams and gels, the latest Ecosolution™ high viscosity pump is able to achieve a 97% restitution rate for even the thickest formulae.  It can be used in conjunction with the Vega AirFree® bottle that features an inner pouch with an EVOH layer to prevent oxygen ingress for extended protection.  This makes it suitable for products containing natural ingredients and without preservatives.  

In its jar ranges, RPC will highlight the new Coral jar with an innovative design that incorporates a raised section at the base to provide an alternative to the traditional cylindrical shape.  Also on show are the Empress range, which features a double layer construction to maximise a product’s quality positioning and brand image, and the award-winning Slidissime® jar that offers a tactile experience in the dispense of the product and provides effective airless protection of formulations.

Source: https://www.rpc-group.com/media/product-news/2018/rpc-bramlage-division-demonstrates-its-versatility

Mylene Paynter