Pick & mix in-shop experience with SuperLock®


RPC Superfos’s SuperLock® container is providing supermarket shoppers in Belgium with an interactive and novel shopping experience by allowing them to mix their own selections of nuts. The container for Ranobo is ideal for both point-of-sale allure and on-the-go convenience.

Shoppers are presented with an inviting supermarket display at which they can choose between two sizes – 300g and 450g – of the attractive self-service SuperLock® container, embellished with In-Mould Labelling, before filling it up with nutritious and delicious nuts. The concept is an original one devised by Ranobo, a Belgian wholesaler of nuts, tropical fruits and rice crackers established more than 20 years ago.

“Ranobo has installed pick & mix displays at a few supermarkets and we are reaching the expected sales figures,” explains one of the company’s founders Gilles Jeuris. “Our nut selection is popular, yet without the SuperLock® pot, our concept would not have turned into what we see today.”

He highlights the container’s strength, attractiveness and practicality, all of which help to convey Ranobo’s brand values:

“We wanted to present our nuts in a new and attractive way, allowing for more direct interaction with end-users, so we came up with the pick & mix idea and needed a suitable container to match our stand. RPC Superfos suggested the SuperLock® solution, and it really has it all: an easy-to-use screw lid, the right size and strong material which withstands multiple uses in many situations.”

Another advantage of the SuperLock® pot is its shape and size, fitting perfectly into car cup holders and reflecting the fact that nuts are an excellent healthy snack for people who spend long periods driving. Further convenience is provided by the easy re-closure of the screw lid, which makes an audible click-sound when closed correctly.

“In SuperLock®, our products are well protected and prevented from drying out, and the screw-lid reassures consumers that the nuts will safely stay inside the pot even on-the-go,” says Gilles. “In this way, we preserve the quality of the Ranobo experience.”

The nut wholesaler also values the rigid plastic packaging because it is so strong that people tend to keep it when empty.                                                                                                        

“We like the idea of our pot being re-used for various purposes,” confirms Gilles. “The SuperLock® solution adds value to our business because it matches our idea of sustainability, our practical mind and the brand image of Ranobo.

“For a few years now we have been working with RPC Superfos and appreciate our business relationship. Now, we are even more satisfied as the new solution contributes to an invigorated shopping experience from buying our nuts. We would like our fruitful cooperation to continue.”

Source: https://www.rpc-group.com/media/product-news/2018/pick-and-mix-in-shop-experience-with-superlock

Mylene Paynter