1000 days without injury for Plastech

Coming together is the beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together… is success.
— Henry Ford

The recent celebration of 1000 injury-free days at the East London plant is not something that can be achieved on its own. SHEQ Manager Margie Deetlefs’ enthusiastic and committed approach to Health and Safety has inspired everyone at Plastech to pull together towards all round safety improvement, and with a tight-knit team in place, everybody shows genuine concern for each other’s wellbeing.

With great focus placed on Health and Safety, it is top of mind at all times. Staff attend a meeting every morning where they discuss any issues that have arisen. Hazards are being reported as they happen, and staff are coming forward and making suggestions for improvements whenever they notice something is out of place.

“Everything must be reported, no matter how small or trivial it appears. If someone is not happy about an area on site, we try fix it quick as possible to prevent it becoming a safety hazard and somebody getting injured,” she said.

Thinking back about the Health and Safety challenges that Plastech has faced over the past four years, where there were no systems and processes in place, Margie recalls the great lengths that the team has gone to, to pull together and make this the success story that it is. The site underwent major refurbishment and the SHEQ systems were introduced.

“We will never be 100% perfect and it has taken a lot of hard work and dedication in the past two years to get this where it is,” she said.

“If we care about our work space and keep it neat and tidy, then you put the message out there that we are proud to come to work and we are proud of the environment that we work in,” says Margie. “This milestone is one that all plants can aspire to, it is a fantastic goal to have in place”.

Margie’s belief in what she does and in her team is certainly to be commended.

Well done Plastech for doing your part to create a safe environment and for your dedication to Health and Safety.

Mylene Paynter