Driving the culture of Health and Safety

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Risk management and safety is a vital aspect of any manufacturing company, and at RPC Astrapak it is not a process that we simply comply to, but it is incorporated in all that we do. By instilling Health and Safety into our people’s hearts and minds, we create a culture whereby our teams are continuously aware of the systems we have in place to practice them daily.

In keeping aligned to RPC Group, RPC Astrapak has adopted the Willis Blue safety and risk evaluation system to manage this very important part of our business. Willis Blue allows for alignment of goals with overall business strategies in mind and the re-alignment thereof, as these may be influenced and changed by the economic and business drivers influence change in the company.

The Willis Blue system provides a “closed loop” system which uses reporting, tracking and visual aids such as colour-coded graphs and indicators highlighting areas of non-compliance and successes. This system is particularly powerful in a decentralised organisation where multiple facilities exist over a large geographic area. Installing and controlling a uniform system in such an environment is made so much easier and more efficient with Willis Blue.

Helmien Raath, RPC Astrapak SHEQ Manager, explained: “The connection with “Willis Blue” offers RPC the opportunity to not just leave risk management and safety at a middle and senior management level but to drive its importance across the entire business and involve the widest range of people in the process, spreading the responsibility to all and creating an awareness in everyone’s mind that risk and safety management is critical.”

Adoption of “Willis Blue” is driven from the top down and RPC Astrapak CEO’s commitment to the success of initiative is evident through the appointments made and working capital dedicated to the success of “Willis Blue”.

“We do not want to simply have a verbal commitment to risk and safety management at RPC Astrapak,” said Robin Moore, RPC Astrapak CEO. “We are driving a hearts and minds change in people and we want this to be a priority in every employees’ life here at work and also at home! The improvements that we have made in our overall health and safety scores and ratings through Willis Blue and the previous programmes have been fantastic. However in recent months we have seen a number of avoidable accidents occurring at our sites. Eliminating these through hazard analysis and close out is the next phase of our health and safety drive and I would ask that all employees take on the challenge of reporting six or more hazards so that we jointly make our workplace a safe place!"

Mylene Paynter