Growing the Satiskin family

Growing the Satiskin family-web.jpg

The Satiskin range is growing up fast and the brand has recently extended their product line by adding an entirely new one-litre bottle for shower crème, shower gel and body wash personal care products to their existing two- and one-litre Foam Bath Bottle, 400ml Shower Gel range and 400ml Hand Wash range.

RPC Astrapak Consupaq designed the elegant contoured bottle and ran product samples to present to Amka, who were very satisfied with the result.

The visually appealing and stylish extrusion blow moulded bottle is manufactured in HDPE, providing a robust body whilst being lightweight and maintaining its curvy lines. HDPE’s barrier properties retain the beautifully fragranced luxurious body care collection, which includes stimulating scents like Tropical Escape, Ocean Energy, Blissful Berry, Cocoa Butter and Nature’s Balance.

Decoration is in the form of sleeving, which offers a flexible array of dazzling colours and packaging design opportunities to boost on-shelf presence. The sleeve is also shrink fitted onto the contoured bottled by RPC Astrapak Consupaq, accentuating the curvy shape.

Amka’s Brand Manager, Karen Kohler, said: “It has been a pleasure working with the team at RPC Astrapak Consupaq – from conception right through to final production, we have held a successful launch of our product.”

While Amka is likely to introduce more products to their Satiskin range in the near future, they currently have five variants.

Mylene Paynter