Two years without injury for JJ Precision


Congratulations to RPC Astrapak JJ Precision on reaching the magnificent milestone of 700 days free from reporting injury. We encourage your team and all our plants nationwide to continue to strive for greater heights regarding safety in the work place! This week, they clocked 738 days, taking them over the two-year mark without reportable injuries!

It takes an immense effort incorporating RPC Astrapak’s Core Values of TEAMWORK and RESPECT. By working as a cohesive team and respecting themselves and each other, a culture of safety and awareness has been maintained in the work environment.

This commitment to safety is a result of regularly acknowledging an unsafe environment and communicating with each other – either by reporting anything that is out of place, or by holding tool box talks and safety discussions among the company employees – constantly looking out for each other’s well-being.

Not only is health and safety important to RPC Astrapak but is likewise of the upmost importance to the entire RPC Group, worldwide.

Mylene Paynter