Fresh new look for Kelso tubes


A fresh blast of colour always packs a punch and provides a youthful and energetic feel. Kelso’s range of exfoliating body washes – with fragrances called Fresh, Relax and Boost - make you want to pick up and squeeze the tube and smell the contents.

Kelso, an Edgars’ brand, picked RPC Astrapak Consupaq to manufacture their tubes because of quality and compatibility, especially for the notable Ethelyne Vinyl Alcohol (EVOH) Multilayer tubes. Along with the exceptional barrier properties, the tinted tubes allow the consumer to see the product inside and the vibrant shades of the exfoliating body wash exudes rejuvenation and makes a bold statement on the shelf.

The tube is designed specifically with the consumer in mind, offering an easy-to-use product with a Non-Tamper Evident flip-top lid, which allows potential buyers to open the lid and smell the contents before purchasing.

Changing the light-coloured tint of the tube to be more intense has given the Kelso tubes a greater colour vibrancy in order to make it ‘pop’, maximising on-shelf presence and differentiating the product from other brands.

RPC Astrapak recommend the EVOH Multilayer Tubes for all body washes. The premium EVOH tubes have effective barrier properties and are particularly beneficial for retaining the quality and fragrance of scented contents. EVOH resins offer outstanding gas barrier properties, superior to a conventional polymer, and prevent oxygen from penetrating the tube and tarnishing the contents.

Mylene Paynter