Where maximum branding and shelf life meet like never before

Would it not be unique to find a packaging solution that offers branding on all faces while also offering the most advanced technology in shelf life and product preservation?

Through our access to globally leading research and development, RPC Astrapak presents SuperLock®.

SuperLock® is by far one the most exciting innovations to be added to our growing range of market leading products and presents a very low Oxygen Transmission Rate (OTR). Allowing for both hot and cold content filling, the product is virtually limitless in its applications offering ambient temperature shelf life to a broad range of food products with a long shelf life. The secret to this advanced shelf preservation is the combination of an oxygen barrier on all surfaces with a membrane seal, offering a powerful sealable container.

The branding opportunities offer space like no other conventional rival product allowing for non-removable in-mould labelling, which incorporates the barrier and displays colour and brand identity not just on the side of SuperLock®, but on the base and lid of the product in such a manner that your contents are still visible.

In keeping with the advanced product offering that RPC Astrapak consistently offers, we also assure you that SuperLock® is completely safe in freezers, microwaves and dishwashers. The membrane allows for the shelf life extension and protection we offer when using SuperLock® and after opening SuperLock® can be closed again for safe keeping.

We never forget our promise and commitment to sustainability and SuperLock® offers a single material recyclable value, meaning one does not have to split tin from glass. It is also perfectly safe in its material design ensuring there is no threat of cuts or breakage.

In today’s fast-paced lifestyle, we are regularly on the move when we snack and eat. The most important aspect around this is the freshness and quality of the products that we eat. SuperLock® has you covered in that its re-closability and easy “on-the-go” handling makes this the container of choice.

The SuperLock® product range is available in sizes from 65ml right up to 535ml leaving you with mind boggling ways in which to decide what to fill them with. Obviously if there is something else you require our specialist will always be willing to entertain a detailed discussion to explore your needs. SuperLock® serves multiple food application – whether hot or cold – like nuts, snacking items, soups, fruit desserts, spreads, jams, confectionary, and non-perishable sauces.

Why don’t you make the choice today and contact us to not only SuperLock® the contents and products you so carefully produce, but to also SuperLock® your consumers in to using a world-renowned container for original and after use value.

Mylene Paynter