Light weight but fit for purpose

  • 15% weight reduction compared to standard 5 litre container
  • Contributing to carbon reduction targets
  • Strength and stability to deliver robust performance

The Elight from RPC Gent is a 5 litre blow moulded HDPE container that combines an enhanced environmental profile with maximum functionality and branding opportunities.

The container weighs just 120g compared to 140g for a standard 5 litre pack, which will help companies to reduce their products’ carbon footprint. An accurate spread of material throughout the container combined with optimising the compression of the shoulder and base ensure that the Elight maintains strength and stability to deliver a robust and reliable performance.

A unique design feature is the vertical ribs on each corner of the container. These help to avoid damage to the packs during stretch wrapping of pallets or in transportation by allowing the container to regain its original shape.

User-friendliness is further enhanced by the large handle and there is an extensive decoration area to enable brands to create their own identity and on-shelf appeal.

Mylene Paynter