Always committed to our Values

Whenever we hear something or carefully look at something we instinctively evaluate what we hear and see. We have a general tendency to make an assessment of how what we have seen and heard fits in with our value system.

It is of course easy to be purely judgmental and subjective in our assessment of what people say and do, and this is where our commitment to Team comes into consideration. In order to not always place our own wishes first when we assess what we hear and see, it is vital that we do so by considering first what the impact of these actions or words will have on the Team and on the company as a whole.

If what is said and done is potentially damaging the Company’s Code of Conduct and Business Ethics and our Team in a way in which it challenges the values of our company, it is time to act. Fraud, corruption, theft, bribery, dishonesty, harassment, intimidation and blackmail is unacceptable. Report it to a Senior Manager, report it through Astrapak’s Internal Website or utilise the tip-off anonymous hotline.

We must always remind ourselves of these values: Integrity, Customer Focus, Respect, Teamwork and Excellence.

By not speaking out against actions and words that undermine or contradict these values, we as individuals become part of degrading our values and supporting the damage, which will impact our company and our Team.

As difficult as making a stand is at times, the positive effect this stand will have is what will make a difference. We are always encouraging one another to make a difference and it is at this time that the Company offers the opportunity to report destructive behaviour and actions. By doing so you do not have to be identified. If you wish to remain anonymous it is possible. The Tip-off Hotline provides the chance to report undesirable events and make a difference.

All Tip-offs are logged and forwarded to respective senior management within the organisation for consideration and corrective action. The dedicated Tip-offs Anonymous number for Astrapak is 0800 111 913 or tip-offs can be emailed to

All tip-offs received will be investigated and necessary action will be taken regardless of the level of staff members implicated.

Mylene Paynter