About the DAIRY market

Stylish and simplistic!

Berry | Astrapak is one of South Africa's leading suppliers of rigid dairy packaging to a wide range of blue chip customers. We continually benchmark ourselves against international standards to ensure that packaging for dairy purposes conforms to the current codes of best practice.

With a range of ultra-modern decorative techniques for dairy products and these options can be tailored to suit customer needs.



Berry | Astrapak offers its dairy customers thermoforming, thin-wall injection-moulding and a variety of blow moulding options. Thermoforming is a cost-effective and high-speed production method that produces lightweight, robust packaging with minimal waste. Berry | Astrapak plants extrude all sheeting for our thermoformed packaging, which ensures food grade hygiene compliance throughout the production process. There is an extensive food-grade moulding capacity within the larger Berry | Astrapak Group, which includes IM, IBM, ISBM and EBM. This is available for customers who wish to explore alternative dairy packaging.


  • Lightweight, durable dairy packaging

  • Design sizes include 80ml to 1kg tubs

  • Six-unit multipacks

  • Stylish pedestal range suitable for yoghurt, cream, cheeses, margarine


  • Cheese

  • Yoghurt

  • Margarine


Ultra-Modern Decoration Options

Berry | Astrapak offers a range of ultra-modern decorative techniques for dairy products and these options can be tailored to suit customer needs.


This high-speed technique synchronises robotics and injection moulding and places the label in the mould at a precise point in the injection cycle. IML is available for multiple tub shapes and lids. The result is a perfectly labelled product with high-end graphics, scuff resistance, counterfeit protection and massive shelf shout. The technique is ideal for dairy as IML weathers the cold chain perfectly.


Berry | Astrapak is the only manufacturer in South Africa to offer full length sleeving for dairy products. This award winning technique offers major shelf-support to brands and provides critical product distinction in a highly competitive market. Sleeving is fast, versatile and can be tailored to demand so that packaging stock is optimised. Sleeving can be combined with both injection moulding and thermoforming.


This provides a cost effective and flexible design option for dairy packaging. Printing can be done in up to eight colours and is available for all sizes and lids.


Further options from Berry | Astrapak include pressure sensitive and wraparound labelling, hot and cold foiling, silk screen and flexographic printing.